Claims Management

When disputes arise, litigation or dispute resolution costs can be substantial.  We always strive to reach a cost-effective solution and settlement that meets your requirements. Our flexible resource of delay and quantum consultants will fight your corner.


How We Work

We tailor our claims management services to suit your requirements, whether pursuing entitlement or in defence and counterclaim. You will receive a preliminary report setting out the key issues of claim and recommendations on your prospects of success. This helps you avoid future unnecessary expenditure.

Our quantum evaluation involves a full review of the nature of cost overruns and additional cost. We establish the correct method for evaluation (e.g. bill of quantities, rates or actual expenditure reasonably incurred) in line with the contract terms.

Governance, Assurance & Efficacy

We can help you quantify cost overruns and loss and expense claims. Obtain accurate results by extracting allowable costs from contemporaneous records. We then analyse these costs over the timeline within which they were incurred.

Delay analysis starts with the collation and validation of key information and records. There is then an audit and review of the baseline programme. After identification of delay events, we advise on the appropriate method of analysis. The choice of delay analysis method is based on factors including contract terms, the purpose of the analysis and availability and reliability of records.   

Throughout the process we remain flexible and alert to see whether a settlement is achievable. Our aim, as always, is to reach the best result as soon as possible whilst keeping your costs to a minimum.

The Right Choice

Ensure the success of your next project and secure a positive outcome should you find yourself involved in a dispute. Get in touch today and find out how Derson can assist you.