Project Advisory

Properly preparing for the implementation of any project is critical to its success. Achieving the best results hinges on the expertise of your people and the support they receive. Our advice and support could be the difference between success or failure, profit or loss.


How We Work

In our experience, many of the root causes of an unsuccessful project can be unearthed at the outset. Before commencement, we carry out a fully costed risk review report. The report specifies the key contractual risks to time, quality and the forecast outturn cost of the project.

When disturbance to the regular progress of the project occurs, you need to verify what happened. We can advise on procedures to collate and manage contemporaneous records. Accurate data is the foundation of project recovery. Verifiable data enables proof of actual cost in line with the relevant contractual provisions.

Governance, Assurance & Efficacy

At a glance, you need to understand the health of your project. Without the evidential basis to the current and future financial position, there is no assurance or certainty. We can help you solve these issues and improve confidence. We specify, verify and scrutinize the key factual information and data. Our forecasting methods allow you to take a long hard look at any dark clouds gathering on the horizon. Let us then help you reduce the impact of any storm should it arrive.

The Right Choice

Ensure the success of your next project and secure a positive outcome should you find yourself involved in a dispute. Get in touch today and find out how Derson can assist you.