Commercial Management

At project commencement, your financial interests must be protected. Our commercial management support puts into effect our project advisory best practice. 


How We Work

For design and build projects, we can advise on the critical relationship between design and cost management.  At each design review, we carry out risk analysis and cost checks against your budget targets.  This provides greater certainty of project outturn cost. 

Effective procurement and management of sub-contracts are essential to project success. We advise on sub-contractor rates, prices and costs.  Ensure appropriate risk allocation and successfully negotiate sub-contract terms.

Contractual, Factual & Evaluative

The cost of legitimate changes to the works can be substantial. You need assurance that the management of change is robust. Ensure change is assessed in line with verifiable data under the terms of the contract. Allow us to help you identify the key facts and contract terms. We apply the relevant terms to the facts, enabling an accurate financial evaluation. Our contract administration expertise ensures you are not overpaying for work or exposed to unnecessary risk.

Timely payment is critical to ensure cash flow in construction. We assess and prepare valuations of the works in line with the appropriate contract terms and statutory notice requirements.    

We know clients wish to avoid the crystallisation of costly disputes. Commercial acumen is critical to the settlement of contract claims and final accounts. We have the expertise to negotiate amicable settlements without excessive legal support. This in turn ensures you minimise cost and lost management time.   

The Right Choice

Ensure the success of your next project and secure a positive outcome should you find yourself involved in a dispute. Get in touch today and find out how Derson can assist you.